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Digital CCTV Surveillance Systems – Closed Circuit TV

Due to the rising increase of incidents and the costs associated with crime and vandalism in recent times, many homes and businesses are recognising the need for security cameras. In a business environment, CCTV has become an important element in providing a record of events, monitor employee efficiency, detect criminal behaviour and intrusion. 

At Dynarange, we offer the latest and advanced CCTV technology, delivering intelligent security systems that allow remarkable visibility of incidents. The Dynarange team will evaluate your site to tailor make a solution by integrating cameras, monitors and monitoring into a system that suits your needs and budget.

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Security Alarm Systems

Dynarange Australia has simple to advanced Alarm Solutions providing a level of protection and peace of mind you require in a Home or Business Alarm Solution. 

Alarm systems can work in conjunction with CCTV systems to remotely view and record any incident at your home or business premises, to give you you peace of mind knowing that you are the first to know what happens at your home or business premises when you are away.

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Access Control Systems 

Access Control is the management of who goes where and when, allowing companies, offices and institutions to restrict entry to authorised personnel only and limit access to highly sensitive areas.

Devices such as card readers, pin codes and biometric eye and fingerprint scanners can be used for identification of authorised personnel to permit or deny access to the business premises.

Dynarange Australia only installs quality brands sourced from only the most reputable suppliers. All equipments are covered by warranty and comply with Australian standards.

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Intercom Systems

Audio and visual intercom systems allow identification and screening of visitors in either the home or business environment. Dynarange Australia can offer a range of digital and analogue audio/video intercoms with a variety of configuration options for different types of applications.

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Security System Maintenance

We offer customised preventative maintenance packages to prevent your electronic security system from deterioration and to extend the life of your investment giving you peace of mind.

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